Our rehabilitation and recovery centre provides psychosocial intervention for different disorders including addiction, schizophrenia, dementia, intellectual disabilities, depression etc.

Facilities The Rehabilitation Centre includes

  • Occupational therapy room
  • Cervical and lumbar traction
  • Treadmill, stationary exercise bicycle
  • Weight training

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation is a treatment option used by a neuropsychologist to help patients who have sustained cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems as a result of the brain injury. Many patients referred for neuropsychological rehabilitation are likely to have suffered brain injury due to one of the following:

  • Traumatic brain injury following a road traffic accident, fall, industrial or sporting accident or assault.
  • Cerebrovascular accident (stroke).
  • Viral infection of the brain, particularly encephalitis
  • Hypoxic brain damage following, for example, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, status epilepticus, carbon monoxide poisoning or anaesthetic accident.
  • Neurosurgery for head trauma, AVMs, brain tumour removal, clipping or coiling of aneurysm.
  • Degenerative disease such as dementias (dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia so on), Parkinson’s Disease or dementia associated with AIDS.

Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients

  • Stroke affects people in different ways. Rehabilitation program will be planned as per requirements. The aim of rehabilitation is to make you as much
  • independent as possible in carrying out your day to day activities. After stroke, you must have lost some of your abilities like walking, talking, eating etc. You will be trained to get back those abilities to near normal.
  • Sometimes we might have to find alternative ways to carry out those activities. At times, we have to find ways or adapting by stoke.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

This service involves the management of disorders that alter the function and performance of the patient.  Emphasis is placed on the optimization of function through the combined use of medications, physical modalities, and experimental training approaches.  The centre offers rehabilitation in neurological disorders, orthopaedic disorders, cancer, and cardiac diseases.

  • Neurological disorders- nerve damage, stroke, paraplegia, quadriplegia
  • Orthopaedic disorders- facture, post replacement
  • Cancer- maintenance, pain management, psychological counselling
  • Cardiac diseases- educational programs, rehabilitation

Packages are offered in Neurological, Cardiac, Orthopaedic disorders, and cancer. The packages differ from one another but all include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychological counselling.

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Services Provided at Prime includes

Neuropsychological Assessment of thinking, memory, judgement, emotions, behaviour and personality using specially designed tests.

  1. Psychoeducation: This involves helping patients and their family understand the effect of cognitive changes on the day to day functioning of the patient such as at work, or on cooking, shopping, managing children or household and so on.
  2. Cognitive Rehabilitation: This involves helping patients develop coping strategies for dealing with cognitive problems. The goal is to help patients carry out their daily activities independently despite having impairments. For example, a person with a memory problem can learn to shop independently or remember to turn the gas off, when trained to use strategies such as a diary, alarm bell and so on.
  3. Neuropsychological Interventions for managing anger, depression, anxiety or pain.